I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the start of winter and new season means new hair and fashion yay! Time to get out your favourite comfy jeans, cute boots and its finally not too hot to blow-dry your hair! Shop these amazing new Blow-dry prods great for all hair colours Brunette and Blonde alike… Your Hair Assistant.

So NORMALLY we have found that our clients go darker in winter and lighter in summer months which sounds pretty understandable right? Well NOPE our clients threw us a curve ball the summer gone wanting to try out darker shades of blonde and some giving us heart attacks with their fearless attempts to go dark in the comfort of their own home only to end up spending twice as long with us after to fix it. We’ve all played with a box of colour before, we understand the temptation and hey hairdressing is fun and were more then happy to help you fix a boo boo!!

So now that winter is weaselling its way into our lives guess what?!! Suddenly the majority of us will want to feel bright and shiny again! And Im sorry to say but there is nothing hotter then a good blonde in a leather jacket. And living in Perth we have very little time to get away with wearing that much clothing so lap it up while ya can!

Best Blonde Hair Colours for winter…

Vanilla Creme Dreams…

The Perfect toner mixation over properly and evenly pre-lightened hair. One of our Favorite Lakme Gloss Toners to create this would be   1g 9/60+ 5g 10/22 +10g 10/30 + 15g 0/00 Timing depends on hair porosity.

Honey Combe Blonde…

Play With a few lighter and deeper variations throughout your hair colour to keep the dimension!

Ps- Turtle necks are coming’ back, don’t say I didn’t warn ya. But if we can look like¬†Romee Strijd in one I think we may be ok with that.



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All images courtesy of Pinterest.