A little bit about

The Nest.

Welcome to The Nest – a beautiful haven from the outside world.

We are a one of a kind female boutique hair salon in Attadale, Perth, renowned for 5 star customer service and exceptional results. Specialising in ‘Beautiful Hair’ The Nest offers a bespoke hair colour service that is as individual as the women that walk through the salon doors.

The Nest team of award winning hair stylists are continually at the forefront of innovative colouring techniques that have a strong focus on healthy, personalised and bespoke hair. The signature Nest look has established the salon in the best Perth hairdressers category, as voted by the Urban List, and continues to be the leading colour specialist salon in Perth.

From the intimate and charismatic colour specialist studio, to the consistently high end quality hair, it is actually our passion and warmth to our clients that really sets us apart – oh and the espresso martini’s in the processing room might have something to do with it!

Each service at The Nest includes an in-depth consultation ensuring that we get you on the right path to your new beautiful hair. Our salon experience has been thought of with our clients in mind, it is a place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a drink while our stylists transform you into your best self.

Meet the Team

Charlie Crothers

Salon Owner / Creative Director

The Nest Hair Boutique is the product of a vision that began ten years ago with my ambition to create a salon where stylists feel appreciated and clients are continuously wowed. Creating a unique and welcoming environment where everyone feels as though they couldn’t be happier anywhere else, is what The Nest is today.

I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love and wish more people would follow their dreams. I love The Nest – it’s one of my favourite places to be. It’s where I laugh the most, make my clients laugh, and I get to be creative and make others feel beautiful. I love to be around people who are inspiring and also those who I can inspire. It seems to have a snowball effect – the more we can inspire others the more it inspires us.


Head Colourist& Stylist /Manager

Tam’s commitment to The Nest team culture and personal growth is how Tam became our manager in early 2020. Per passion for becoming the best stylist she could while giving epic customer service had shaped her into one of our most booked out stylists its been really great to watch Tam grow into such an huge part of The Nest as it is today.

Upon first meeting Tam her empathy and communication skills always wins the heart of our clients and her hair results always leaving them wowed. Not only is Tam a killer colourist, her cutting skills are exceptional with so many tricks on how to manage your hair type, as well as advise you on how to best look after and style your hair at home.



Oh this little Mexican Taquito brings us so much joy to The Nest. Marianna started off as Charlie’s house cleaner in 2017 and but really connected when Charlie spent more time at home being pregnant. We needed some help one weekend and Marianna was so excited to come in, she was so amazing with the team and clients. We basically just all fell in love with each other and the rest is history! Marianna loves connecting with women in such a creative environment and also that everyday is totally different with new people, challenges and laughs. Its so important that our coordinator love people and knows what great service is all about and she just nails it 🙂  When not dancing around at work Marianna loves making crazy costumes, sewing, training and of course Tacos and Tequila 😉


Head Colourist

Lechelles one of a kind personality brings such a fun quirky vibe to our team. Our pastel loving and creative colourist, Lechelle has a genius mind when it comes to custom tones and is well known for pushing the artistic boundaries if you are wanting something a bit more out there. With a great sense of humour and so many interests including music and theatre Lechelle makes a great conversationalist and can read the signs if you just want to sit back and relax.


Senior Colourist/Stylist

While she’s always back for the Christmas seasons, Steevie Lou is finally back to stay with us after spending nearly 2 years in Canada. Although she loved her travels she says she mostly missed The Nest, and now here she is back at it and lucky us! Her bright, cheerful and direct approach to achieving realistic results every time is why her clients love her. Always giving service and great hair advice especially if you have curly hair!


Head Colourist

The Nest Hair Boutique’s head stylist, Kaleigh started out in the early Nest days and brings not only, an incredible skill set, but a beautiful personality. Her “kill them with kindness” mentality is very admirable and makes her a pure pleasure whether your having your hair done by her or working next to her. She’s pretty hard not to love. Kaleigh is your girl if you’re looking for a beautiful natural colour and a salon experience where you can relax.


Senior Colourist

Shantelle has flourished as a colourist since coming to The Nest and brings a beautiful caring energy to the team. Adapting her skills to The Nest signature way of colouring and with a passion for styling and beautiful finishes Shantelle always finds something new to try and re-ignite her creativity. Her passion for being an amazing colourist has seen her grow a large client base in a short amount of time.


Senior Colourist

Enyana is our favorite copper haired fun lovin stylist. Not only does Enyana offer a professional service she will be honest about your hair goals and help you get on track with your hair. Hippie at heart our animal lovin, atrology obsessed girl has the Nest vibe down pat. Exceptional service and quality results all while having a great time 🙂


Junior Stylist/Trainee

Molly has been interested in hairdressing since she was a little girl and has had a strong passion for our industry for a few years. After seeing someone she knew had her hair done at The Nest and thought it looked amazing, she looked up the salon and loved how cool and unique it looked. She had to apply! Molly is always excited to learn new skills and loves coming to work in such a positive environment.

Mollys is looking forward to being a stylist that puts a smile on her clients faces and has them walking out feeling beautiful.

When she’s not at work Molly is usually at Dance or the beach 🙂


Junior Stylist/Trainee

Our youngest asset, Annika came to us for just a school placement and after working with her for just a short time we knew we would love to have her as a trainee because she was just so sweet and beautifully mannered-good job Mum & Dad 😉 and the girls just loved her straight away!

Annika loved the way the salon looked and felt and especially how passionate and bubbly the team was. A perfect match! Annika has a great understanding of how important hair is for most women and is excited to learn and grow in our industry.

Fun Fact, Annika is Australian but was Born in France 🙂

575 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove 6156

Open by Appointment ONLY
Tuesday – Saturday
08 9330 4190