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We love how amazing and confident our clients feel from the instant transformation our hair extensions give. Thicken, Lengthen or both with our premium extension range.

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Complimentary 250ml. Shampoo & Conditioner when you get a Fresh Set of Extensions *minimum spend $300

Transform your hair with instant volume and length with our quality hair extensions range.

We offer two types of Hair Extensions at The Nest. All extension services will require a consultation to decide on the best method and amount of hair needed. We source the best quality extensions for our clients and will often use different brands depending on colour availability, length and texture.

All of our extensions are Premium Hair and can get great longevity. You will be able to heat style any of our extensions however you wish.

Beaded Weft Extensions

Applied by inserting a row of beads into the hair and hand sewing the weave onto your beaded track which is much more comfortable then a cornrow weft. Amazing for the thickest lush results as multiple packs of hair can be easily added.

These need to be moved up approx. every 6-10 weeks and the hair can last you 6 months or longer (approx 3 re-fits) and then you will need to invest in a new set of hair. We will educate you on how to take care of your extensions however failure to do so will jeopardise the longevity of your extensions.

New set of Weft extensions/ First appointment

Includes Hair, Full Install & Complimentary Shampoo & Conditioner

$525 50g Half Head application / 60 min
$980 100g Full Head /  60-90 min
$1280 150g Thick Full Head / 90 min

*$300 each additional 50g hair thereafter

Re-fit Wefts AKA “Pull -Up”Appointments (2 or more between new sets)

Includes Removal, refit, Waves/straightened and Trim if needed.

Please come with Clean dry hair. If you would like a Shampoo blowdry you can add this to your booking for $95

$160  1 row Half Head application 60min
$225 2 rows Full Head 90min
$255 3 rows Thick Full Head ($250 with colour service)90min

Tape Extensions

Applied by taking a small piece of your hair and sandwiching them in-between two small tape extensions. Great for thickness and a bit of length or adding hair to select areas like the front of your hair when the front is shorter and keeps breaking or wont grow to match the length through the back.

These need to be moved up approx. every 6 weeks and the hair should last you 4-5 months (2 re-tapes) and then you will need to invest in a new set of hair.

New set of Tape extensions/ First appointment

Includes Hair, Full Install & Complimentary Shampoo & Conditioner

$450 for 50g Half Head application / 30min
$810 100g Full Head /  60min
$1020 150g Thick Full Head / 90 min

*includes take home Shampoo and conditioner

Re-tape Appointments (2 between new sets)

Includes Wash, Blow-dry ReFit, Trim and Waves

$235 for 50g Half Head application ($125 with colour service) 60min
$250 100g Full Head ($175 with colour service) 90 min
$275 150g Thick Full Head ($225 with colour service) 90 min

Combination Tape & Weft

We use this method depending on your hair type. If you have naturally thick hair or shorter layers through the top we sometimes need to use tapes with our wefts to give you the most natural results. Because you will have a combination of Tapes and Wefts we recommend you have them refit every 6-8 weeks max.

New set of Tape & Weft extensions/ First appointment

$1380 100g Full Head weft + 50g Half Head tapes
$1745 150g Thick Full Head weft + 50g Half Head tapes

Re-fit Appointments 

$295 100g Full Head weft + 50g Half Head tapes ($250 with Colour service) 90 min

$350 150g Thick Full Head weft + 50g Half Head tapes ($295 with colour service) 90 min

How to book & next steps?

Book a free Extension Consultation online 

During your consultation we will advise you on the best suited extensions for your needs. From there we will book you in for your appointment, you may need to have your hair coloured first to match your hair which can be done on the same day. We can consult about your colour as well during your consultation booking no need to book that separately.

We will then give you a quote and you will be able to make the decision to go ahead or not. If you decide to go ahead we will take a $200 Booking Fee for your appointment and book you in. You can redeem the booking fee on the day of your appointment. If you do not show up you will not get this back.

On the day...

You will need to arrive with clean hair from the day prior. If you are having a colour during this appointment you do not have to have clean hair as we will be washing it.

Once we have applied the extensions we will shape(cut) them in the suit your hair and then style to suit.

Please don’t book anything immediately after your hair as this is not an appointment that you want to rush your stylist on. Estimate that the extensions alone will take anywhere from 1-2.5 hours to fit, cut and style depending on the amount of hair needed. If you are having a colour as this can add another 2-3 hours onto your appointment. All up you could be looking at anywhere from 3-6 hour salon visit. Please ask your stylist during your consult what the estimated time frame will be so that you can plan your day.

When you go home...

It will be your responsibility to follow the guidelines to taking care of your extensions. Maintenance is fairly simple if you are used to taking care of your hair. Using the right recommended products, having a blow-dryer to dry your hair after washing and regular grooming is really all they require. If you can’t commit to that then extensions will not be for you and could potentially ruin your hair if not taken care of.


It is important you book in your next follow-up appointment or removal appointment if you no longer wish to wear extensions. We can not guarantee that we will be available when you need your hair done otherwise and is important to stay on top of extensions to minimise damage and maximise the longevity of your hair.
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