We all go there. Usually various times a year… Should I or Shouldn’t I get a fringe. What you need to know before chopping a big piece of your hair in the most noticeable spot on your head.

I had the girls at work tone my hair a to beautiful Ash tone last week but I hated it because Ash washes me out and it was a bit impulsive. Luckily owning a Ladies Colour specialist salon in Perth this was an easy fix. We took it back to Golden blonde a few days later. 15 minutes after my colour was back the way I liked it I decided to cut myself a fringe… Honestly I must be having a mini mid life crisis LOL However, Im often caught doing things to my own hair as Im impatient and qualified to do so.

FYI- I’d NEVER recommend cutting your own hair unless you are qualified and confident to do so. And then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

So Snip Snip Snip

And heres me that night initially happy about my decision 🙂

Now heres me trying to put my hair in a quick pony before the gym…

And now taking it out after the spa….

So the moral of the story is this:

*Cutting a Fringe could make your life a little harder*


  • Adds a frame to your face. If you have a high forehead a fringe will make your forehead look smaller.
  • A fringe can help hide unwanted spots and lines
  • Get a totally new look without losing the length of your hair
  • Fringes usually make you look younger if thats something you’d like
  • Styling just your fringe down and putting the rest in a ponytail can help you achieve a simple sexy style with little effort
  • If what your wanting is a change you will love changing up your makeup and outfits to suit your new look.


  • If you have an itty bitty face with small features be prepared for it to get even itty bittier LOL
  • No more quickly brushing out your ponytail before work- You will need an extra 10minutes to wet your fringe and restyle every morning.
  • If you have a short forehead you will need to have a very heavy fringe to keep it down. Generally I don’t suggest a fringe for those with shorter foreheads as they can be very hard to style.
  • Your fringe will get oily sitting on your face, so you will likely have to wash your fringe more often and be at risk of more pimples.
  • Cowlicks are the devil when it comes to styling a Fringe- make sure you can successful get the front of your hair to sit the right direction and talk to your stylist about the reality of styling with your cowlick-some are worse then others.
  • That sleek perfect pony is no more a part of your life. Be prepared to need a couple bobby pins and hairspray to keep from looking like a crazy MoFo. The shorter your forehead is the shorter your fringe/bangs will be which will mean how hard it will be to keep up 🙂
  • No more wash and ware, you will need to blow-dry your fringe/bangs with a round brush and possibly iron to not look like a cockatoo.
  • Selfies are harder then usual because you look so different!

Things you will need to style your Fringe/Bangs

  • Blowdrier
  • Medium Round Brush
  • Blowout spray (not to heavy) try Blow Dry Primer
  • Straightening irons

So should you get a fringe?

If I haven’t scared you off and you’re prepared to invest in the extra time daily and in need of a change GO FOR IT! I always suggest starting with something slightly longer, thinner and to the side before making a larger commitment.

Do I regret getting a Fringe?

Nope! Its fun to have a change and I know that anytime a change is made it can take a few weeks to get used to. Im having fun doing some different styles that I couldn’t do before but I don’t think I will keep it short as the maintenance will probably get to me. The fact that I didn’t cut it too short means no awkward length phases.



Featured image found via Pinterest