Wow. It’s crazy what you can do when you put your heart into it. This year I shot my first Hair collection to enter Hair Expo WA/NT Hairdresser of the year. Honestly with no idea what anyone else is entering I had a lot of self doubt but guess what?! I made Finals! To be head to head with the best hairdressers in Perth and the rest of WA/NT is a huge deal in our industry. I’m super proud of myself and my team that helped me bring my ideas to life.

And here it is…

Barely Bardot- One Night Stand

By MOI- Charlie Crothers

I remember Sarah Laidlaw ( Session stylist of the year 2017) telling us in a class once that to know the real life size of hair in magazines you need to take the size of the head and see how many “heads of hair” there are. I took that knowledge and applied it to the collection to get the intensity I needed and it shot AWESOME!

I love vintage fashion and styling, I got my original inspiration from my Idol “Brigitte Bardot”mixed with todays confidently sexy women and created an exaggerate version of hair I love to do on the floor.

Styling for the shoot was awesome because working on the floor with clients from Perth doesn’t always give us the opportunity to get so wild and creative. I mean, some of these models had chicken wire strapped to their head…Apparently my clients aren’t so keen on that.LOL

Winners will be announced just a few weeks from now in Melbourne at the Hair Expo Awards night June 11th. Every finalist hopes to win but Im honestly God Smacked I made it to Finals. It will make this year at Hair expo that much exciting and has definitely given me that extra confidence booste in my work. I can’t wait to shoot more this year and get my team into doing their own collections as well! Good luck to the other best hairdressers in Perth and abroad competing and stay tuned to find out the winner! 🙂

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Models Top Left to bottom right-

Annie Castricum, Sarah Czarnuch, Eleanor Dart, Hilde Osland, Hannah Judd, Hilde Osland

Makeup Artist

Isaac Hanlon @Isaachanlon_MUA


Milana De Mina @de_mina_stylist


Carl Keely