Instagram sensation and long time friend of The Nest Hair Boutique, Helen Janneson Bense is the boho goddess with mermaid tresses and exquisite style behind the travel, style and inspirational blog – Gypsy Lovin Light.

Let us introduce you to my dear friend Helen founder of Gypsy Lovin Light…

Thank-You so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to let us ask you a few Questions!

You are so well known for your long platinum hair colour, have you ever been to the dark side or been tempted to try something different?

Always up for something a little different and fun, though I went there once and it was so much work to get it back to blonde. In my twenties I went black and then vibrant purple, which faded to grey. I’m so happy with my hair colour now

We know that you love your hair extensions and you also do a lot of travelling. Do you have any advice for anyone traveling with hair extensions?

Sure, I always travel with a hair serum to protect my hair from drying out in different climates. It also works great as a finishing product to smooth out those ends when you hit a lot of humidity. I’ll always have some dry shampoo on hand for my roots to limit how often I need to wash my hair. And it’s really so simple but always carry a hair tie with you for a quick braid when you’re about to jump into the ocean or pool, especially if you plan on diving, snorkelling or jet skiing. It will protect your extensions from excessive knots and damage.

Every time we see you you look fabulous! How long do you allow to get ready every morning or do you just wake up like that?! 😉

haha! I wish! I usually spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to get ready depending on the occasion. I keep my makeup and skin care simple so it takes only 15-20min. Washing, drying and styling my hair can take a little longer so I’ll allow 1 hour for this. Otherwise for a simple wave in my hair I can create this in about 10-15 minutes.

What is your daily hair care regime for keeping your locks so lush?

I use extension friendly shampoos and conditioners every few days. If I’m not going out I let my hair go longer to help prevent dryness and breakage. For my mermaid wave I use the babyliss hair curler. It’s so quick and easy to use and doesn’t damage my hair. I can create smaller, tight curls for a night out or just a light wave within minutes.

What is the hardest thing about your career as an influencer?

For me it’s spending so much time on my computer and phone. I require digital detox time a lot. After my travel adventures I’m often editing and writing for many days in front of a screen. I’m lucky that I shoot outdoors.

You have been to so many amazing places for work in the last couple years. Where was your favorite and why?

It has to be the Maldives. The whitest sand, the bluest water, the most relaxed vibes I’ve felt anywhere. It’s the ultimate paradise and vacation spot and everywhere you look is a postcard. It’s a great place for couples and families with something for everyone. I can laze about on the beach with a book or be active with some snorkelling or paddle boarding. As a beach lover it is my perfect getaway destination.

Who are 3 of your top influencers who inspire you to do what you love?

@michutravel – I love Michelle’s images and all the incredible places she’s travelled. 65 countries! It’s so inspiring and she’s so down to earth and lovely.

@hobopeeba – I’m seriously obsessed with Kristina’s account. The visual magic she creates is next level. It’s constantly inspiring me to see the world through new eyes, magical eyes. It fuels my creativity in the most wonderful ways.

@alliemichellel – Alexandra brings so much love, wisdom, honesty and soul to her page through her words, images and being. It always uplifts and encourages me to keep on sharing and doing all that I do.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about Gypsy Lovin Light?! (besides being able to drink a shit ton of vodka haha jk)

Before my blog I ran my own Naturopathy practice. I worked in private practice for 15 years specialising in the area of Nutrigenomics. Also most people are often shocked when they find out I’m actually 41!

If you could have known one thing you know now when you were 20 what would it have been?!

Don’t over pluck your eyebrows haha!

Seriously though I would love to tell my younger self not to worry about what other people think, to be comfortable in my own skin and express.

With Love & Gratitude,

Gypsy Lovin Light

Helen XX

Some of our Favourite Hairstyles over the years. The First one was the very first time we met!

And because everyone always asks us how we maintain Helen A.K.A Gypsy loving light ‘s hair…

We do Spliced Foils to get the most coverage with Powder Lightener+ 20vol+OLAPLEX  Toned with Fabuloso Pro Platinum Princess for 5 minutes.

Tape Extensions applied (we use a fun head and a half of Jadores lightest blonde when we want to keep it as long as possible)