When I wanted to be apart of this industry I didn’t think about competition. I thought about how much fun it was going to be working with like-minded creatives. I thought about all the people I would meet and how much we could inspire each-other.

I didn’t realize that in our industry we are not encouraged to hang with the competition and bringing to attention what is wrong with another salon/business owner/hairdresser was much more valuable conversation then discussing what other hairdressers and salons are doing amazingly well. Whether you or your salon have that mentality, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

There needs to be a change, a more positive way for us to grow our businesses and the future of our industry. If you’re a salon owner like myself, you will know how hard it is to find senior stylists that fit your team and how its even harder to find a great new 1st year apprentice. I can also say that during the interview process MOST applicants want to leave their current salon due to boredom, not learning anything new or feeling like their salon is falling behind the times. Some that are on the verge of giving up the trade all together because motivation and enthusiasm was a thing of the past.

So should we really be afraid of having other salons be able to do the same beautiful hair and helping other salons contribute to a change in our industry? Or should we be more afraid of what the future will hold if we don’t inspire each-other?

There is approx. 6000 people in Attadale (our salon suburb)
Approx. 12.5% are our target market
That’s 750 potential clients with disposable income in our small suburb.
In the Melville district has approx. 2200 potential clients.

Now of course we have clients from all over Perth but we think its interesting to break it down to gain a bit of perspective.

Do you see where I’m going here?

Our salon is at total capacity if we service 1150 clients a year with an average rebooking time of 8 weeks.

The Potential clients is not an issue. What is the issue is the number of inspired passionate stylists who are able to deliver the demands from our clients, keeping our stylists motivated, and keeping the clients in your salon.

In whatever way we can we want to make a difference in our industry. We want to bring back the passion and enthusiasm wherever we can. We want young creatives to WANT to join our industry, to know that there can be more to it then standing behind a chair. We want to inspire others to want more and demand more from our industry. We’re sick and tired of hearing complaints that we don’t get as much education as we would like in Perth, its out there you just need to commit to it.