By Baby Jess & Lil Em

It’s intriguing to say the least. You get to watch all of the senior stylists work their magic while you stand their tilting your head in confusion, wondering how the hell they managed to create something so perfect with just a brush and a bowl of bleach. We look up to these girls a lot. Not just because we’re half the size, but because each and every one of them continue to wow us every day.
Enough about them. Let’s talk about us! Being an apprentice can be quite challenging. We’re constantly at the girls’ beck and call. Together we are 75% responsible for keeping the towels clean, topping up the water for clients, making teas and coffees, cleaning the hair stations, polishing the girls’ trollies, shampooing when things get a little too hectic and making sure Charlie doesn’t lose her phone or keys!

To be an apprentice is to beem and jess needed. Without any apprentices, the seniors would have a whole lot more on their plate, and I’m not talking about food! In saying that, it would be interesting to see how many steps we each take in a day due to walking around so much! If only our hands weren’t constantly wet from shampooing or cleaning colour bowls, because a FitBit would really come in handy!

On a serious note, it can be very daunting starting off as an apprentice. Working in an unfamiliar environment will always be a little different but trying to understand “hairdresser talk” whilst learning at the same time can be pretty scary, but the girls here make everything seem okay. They are all super patient and extremely kind, and it makes coming to work every day feel like a breeze. Every Wednesday is training day for us. Elke and Charlie will switch between themselves to educate us on different techniques used when blowdrying, up-styling, foiling, curling, colouring and cutting. Let’s just say we both make sure to wear all black on a Wednesday!

We are more than just the apprentices and the seniors are more than just hairdressers. We are a happy little family and the salon is almost like a second home. We are all very proud of Charlie and how far she has come. She is the most amazing person to work for and we are so glad we found her, and she found us.

Lots of love, Baby J and lil Em