Things to do while social distancing

By April 14, 2020 No Comments

Heres a list of some feel good things to do while social distancing 🙂

  • Work on that booty! Try Tams Booty Bingo and challenge a friend to get it done with you over the week.( if you saw Tams Butt you’d be following her every word)
  • Support a small Pilates or Yoga studio by signing up for an online class.
  • Zoom quiz night with friends (also can be made it into a drinking game)
  • Practice Curling/waving your hair. even if you aren’t going anywhere it just feels good to love your hair!
  • Face mask & hair treatment ( Check out our treatment range HERE)
  • Try your hand at water colour and make some cards/stationary. Not only is it inexpensive theres some great books online to teach beginners here’s an example
  • Cook a batch of yumminess and deliver a meal to a friends doorstep who may need a reason to smile.
  • Binge watch a tv series until your body hurts from laying down.
  • Catch up with friends online over zoom/facetime
  • Try to exercise outside! Go for a run or walk, find some stairs and just get moving.
  • Plant a veggie patch/herb garden even a mini one for the kitchen window so you always have fresh herbs.
  • Set yourself goals to achieve while off work/isolating and make sure you see them somewhere everyday.
  • Make candles and refill old jars. surprisingly easy and affordable and make a a thoughtful gift
  • Sort through old photos and organise them on your phone. Create an online photo book to print for yourself or a gift.
  • Learn how to speak another language. Or just how to yes at your partner in one…
  • Clean out your wardrobe but DONT drop your junk at a thrift shop unless they want it and are open
  • Have a screen free hour in the evening and READ that friggin book you bought.
  • Set up a pretend holiday seen in your house and take silly photos to send to your friends and family
  • get sucked into a puzzle
  • Make a feel good and angry playlist on Spotify to suite your cravings
  • Surprise partner or roomie with picnic or movie night or if your alone do it just for you. If you have a partner better yet tell them to set you up a pretend restaurant haha 
  • fix those gnarly nails girl!
  • And whenever you can support your favourite small businesses XOXO