You have probably been seeing Blow-dry brushes pop up all over your news feed and instagram. And theres a reason why they are so popular. Even if you are the most un-co hair person this blow-dry brush will have people thinking you know what you are doing. If you can brush your hair you can blow-dry brush it.

My mum used to use one growing up but the technology has gotten so much better. We decided to stock the Hot Tools brand because we wanted a professional quality blow-dry brush. And although there are similar cheaper products out there we wanted one that had high end quality and features. The plates of the brush is what is really important. Its not just about the air that is smoothing your hair its about the plates on the brush. Thats what makes this blow-dry brush special and achieve longer lasting results than the other cheaper versions.

The Blow-dry Brush from Hot Tools is the only one with a interchangeable head so that you can achieve multiple looks. I use the larger head for when Im in a real rush and just want volume, smoothness and a slight bend. And I use the smaller size if I want more wave.

And because the Hot Tools blow-dry brush works on wet or dry (because of the titanium plates) you can let your hair air dry or blast it off with your normal blowdryer first. As a little hairdresser rule of thumb we always blow-dry after we have gotten about 70% of the moisture out of the hair.

Ive only used this brush 3 times so far because I only got mine over a week ago. However I filmed each time to show you how easy it is. No style has taken me over 10 minutes so far!!! I have 2 little girls and 12 big kids at the salon to take care of so I really don’t have time to waste getting ready but I do love to look good! So heres my vids ­čÖé

My first time using the hot tools blow-dry brush