Hands down this it THE BEST product to come into the hairdressing market since straightening irons.

The easiest way for me to explain what OLAPLEX does is to say that it multiplies bonds in the hair shaft making hair stronger, Basically what this means is that we are now able to push the hair further then ever before.

AND the ability for blondes to get that long mermaid hair of their dreams without breaking!!

So normally when a client with damaged hair would want to go lighter I’d be very hesitant in doing so as breakage is irreversible and the risk just isn’t worth it.

So here is my living proof. My clients hair was so dry and broken as seen in the before picture.Normally if someone with this type of hair wanted to anything but go darker or just maintain the roots I woulda said HEEELLLLL NOOO! But instead I decided to put OLAPLEXto the test with this one and I was blown away by the results. There was absolutely no hair in my comb after the color service! It felt better, shinier and the hair wasnt broken at all!

Now for all you chicks out there thinking your black box color is going to come out looking platinum blonde…NO. OLAPLEX doesn’t mean that your hair will go lighter, But it WILL protect you from the breakage that usually comes along with extreme color changes and multiple bleaching services. Which means getting lighter results is safer then ever before.

My Client here had very fine thin hair and after lightening with OLAPLEX her hair was shiny, strong and in just as good if not better condition then it was before her color service.

Now you’re probably wondering how OLAPLEX works right?

OLAPLEX multiply’s bonds in the hair shaft. When color/bleaching services are performed these bonds get broken and cause damage to hair -Breakage

The OLAPLEX bond multiplier (No. 1) is added into your color/bleach or can be used as a treatment. After your hair has processed it will be rinsed and then the bond perfector (No.2) is applied, left for 5 or more minutes and then shampoo’d, conditioned and TA-DAAAA the servic is complete! There is also a take home treatment that may be purchased for you to use once a week at home in between visits (No.3)

Eager to try it out? Be sure to tell your stylist before your appointment that you’d like to try OLAPLEX with your service.

How much does it cost? View our pricelist HERE

For more information visit http://www.olaplex.com/