Finally after the much anticipated release of the new Olaplex shampoo and Olaplex Conditioner and then what seemed like a lifetime to actually have it in our hands we finally had it in our hands 2 weeks ago.

The first thing I did when I got it was open and smell it. Is that what you do too?LOL Scent means a lot to me in regards to beauty products because when you work very close to clients last thing you want is your hairdresser smelling too strong or offensive in any way LOL. And if I don’t like it I’m not going to like wearing it on my head plain and simple. This took me by surprise because to me it didn’t really smell. The Olaplex Shampoo has almost a really light Citrus fruit kinda note to it while the Olaplex Conditioner has next to no scent and reminded me more of a unscented hand lotion. So really neither Great nor bad.

Time to put it to the test!

The Olaplex Shampoo experience surprised me with how lush and silky the lather was. I used only a smallish amount to start and It didn’t foam up excessively but it was a good amount to feel like I was getting a good clean without feeling that “squeakiness” more clarifying shampoos can sometimes give.

Rinse. Repeat (lil hairdresser rule always shampoo twice, condition once)

Then Olaplex Conditioner I used about a tablespoon as I have quite long thick hair and I found this was enough. to work through. It wasn’t very slippery but I was able to come through my hair in the shower easily with it in.

Rinse, towel dry

Felt a little different, usually with my hair being very damp and blonde it feels a bit stretchier and more fragile. I noticed right away when I brushed it out that it felt a bit stronger if that makes sense. normally Id get a few little elasticky pieces that make me cringe a little.

Blow-dry- NO PRODUCT

I needed to see how it styled without product as its too hard to tell the weight and results otherwise. Blowdried well, frizz was pretty tamed but wasn’t oily/heavy feeling. Once dry it felt pretty light and I was able to get a decent amount of volume when I styled and brushed out my hair. heres my after photo. No filter- bit blurry sorry! But you can see its actually turned out beautifully with a nice light shine to it.

The Verdict:

I Loved the shampoo part and the end result was fantastic. I will continue to use this  every second time I shampoo as I will also continue the use of Oribe- Serene Scalp to help keep my scalp psoriasis from acting up. And as Im wanting longer lush hair I will pair the Olaplex shampoo day with the No.3 Olaplex treatment as they are best used together 🙂

And there you have it! We now stock The entire Olaplex range and you can purchase any of the take home products here.