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Hair Toner what is it- 10 fun facts

What is this stuff “Toner” hairdressers speak of? A magical substance that seems to be applied when your at the basin and your just supposed to trust that we haven’t just ruined your hair and are hastily trying to fix our botch job??



Here are 10 fun facts about toner for the non hairdresser!

  1. Toner is what is applied at the basin after a lightening service. As well as perfecting your colour it also closes your hair cuticle which opens during the lightening service. Closing the cuticle layer of your hair helps protect your hair from damage
  2. Hairdressers use all forms of colour as a “toner” from Coloured shampoo and conditioner, Semi permanent colour to demi permanent colours” It is traditionally applied to wet hair and left on anywhere from 2-30minutes depending.
  3. Toner is applied to ADD colour to your pre-lightened (Bleached) hair.  It is also often used to cancel out unwanted tones.
  4. Toner can not lift colour it is a tone on tone or deposit only meaning same shade or darker.
  5. Using a platinum toner on anything but pale yellow pre lightened hair will not make your hair platinum.
  6. Toner is never permanent and washes out in 4-6 weeks. The more you wash the faster it fades.
  7. FABULOSO PRO  is a retail product for clients to be able to keep their toner in at home. Essential for anyone who wants to keep their toner looking fresh until their next appointment.
  8. Quality salon products will help keep your toner from fading. shampoo from the grocery store is like eating a big mac on the way home from the gym. May as well buy your colour there too.
  9. As well as colour toner adds the shine into your lush locks.
  10. Do Not Eat Toner.
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