DIY Baly/Brunette Refresher Package


The Nest DIY hair packs

We know we wont see you for while but that doesn’t mean your signature Nest hair has to suffer! We have your back while isolating at home during this time with our ready-made hair packs. Grab a pack and get your girl gang together for a virtual pamper night in. #thenestathome

Who is Baly/Brunette Blender for:

Baly/Brunette blender is perfect for the ladies who have naturally darker hair and usually have some kind of highlights like sun kissed highlights, teased foils, balayage etc through their mid length and ends. Its also great if you had highlights to your roots at your last appointment and now you are looking rooty and want them to blend in better and look more like balayage then you need to get your hair done. Choose a root shadow colour that looks the closest to your natural colour and choose an end colour that is a similar level of lightness or darker then your ends are now. These colours are deposit only so will not make your hair lighter. These colours are Semi-Permanent and you will likely get 3 colour sessions out of them and they last 6-10 washes 🙂

Please send us a DM on instagram if you need help choosing colours that would suit you. all we need is a picture or 2 of your hair 🙂 we will eventually get all the photos of the colours on here for you but are under the pump right now. Most of the end colours are under the fab pro category.

What’s included:

  • 1x Root shadow Fab Pro (select colour from drop down)
  • 1x Mids to ends toner Fab Pro(select colour from drop down)
  • Bowl
  • Applicator brush
  • Comb
  • Disposable Towel
  • Gloves
  • 2 Hair clips
  • Step by step instructions for you to follow at home

When selecting your root shadow keep in mind that Brown is DARKER than Dark Blonde. If you need help choosing which colour you can always email us or DM a pic on instagram.

To see all the mid-ends colours they are under Fab Pro in categories.

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