Wholesale of “The Darling-Prep and Apply, Wet or Dry” – Ultimate Tangle Remover with Drainage Hole


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This is 12x The Darling Prep & Apply Brushes for wholesale cost. 


Introducing “Prep and Apply, Wet or Dry” from our brand-new “The Darling Collection” – Your Ultimate Tangle Remover with a Drainage Hole!

Tired of the daily hair battle with knots? Meet your new favourite brush, “Prep and Apply, Wet or Dry,” designed to effortlessly untangle stubborn knots, whether your hair is wet or dry.

**Key Features:**

1. **Drainage Hole for Shower Convenience:** “Prep and Apply” is your perfect shower companion, complete with a built-in drainage hole. It’s ideal for use in the shower, at the shampoo bowl, or with wet hair products. Say goodbye to hair hassles during shampooing and conditioning – it’s a game-changer.

2. **Plastic Handle with Flexible Rubber Cushion:** Our brush features a durable plastic handle paired with a flexible rubber cushion that’s gentle on your scalp. It provides just the right amount of give and support for effective detangling without discomfort.

3. **Gentle Metal Bristles for Quick Detangling:** “Prep and Apply” features gentle metal bristles that swiftly untangle your hair, leaving it smooth and manageable. No more yanking or pulling – just smooth, knot-free locks.

4. **Extension-Friendly Design:** Worried about catching on extension attachments? “Prep and Apply” has got you covered. Its unique design prevents snags and ensures a smooth detangling experience, regardless of your hair type or extensions.

5. **A Favorite Among Hairstylists:** Hairstylists adore “Prep and Apply” for its versatility, especially during color applications at the basin. Its gentle metal bristles provide precise control, making it an indispensable tool for salon professionals and clients to use at home in combination with toning and shower hair products.

6. **Easy Maintenance:** To keep “Prep and Apply” performing at its best, simply expel any excess water from the brush after use by pressing on the pad to let it drain through the drainage hole. Store it face down on a countertop to prevent water from pooling. If you use hair products, rinse the brush and shake it to remove residue, ensuring its longevity and keeping the bristles rust-free.

**Why Choose “Prep and Apply, Wet or Dry”?**

– Designed for hassle-free hair detangling, whether in or out of the shower.
– Made from synthetic materials, so it’s safe to use with hair products and during extension removal.
– The drainage hole dispels water and adds flexibility to the brush.

Make “Prep and Apply, Wet or Dry” your trusted ally in the battle against tangles. Enjoy smoother, more manageable hair without the fuss.

Please note that all sales are final unless there is a manufacturer defect. Take a moment to read our product descriptions thoroughly to understand functionality and sizing before making your purchase. If you use with any chemical such as hair colour you may stain your brush and will be at your own risk.