Mini Marilyn Set – Black


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The Mini Marilyn Stylist Set is the perfect addition to your Charlii velcro roller kit with 10 small rollers and 10 clips for classic volume and bounce!

These bad girls are so much better than your average plastic velcro roller. Not only for the way they look but they are extra wide and the core of the velcro roller retains heat just like a round brush to give ultimatum results while you do your thang around the house.

Whether you are wanting classic volume and bounce like Ms. Monroe herself or you want an easier way to successfully style that fringe you need a set of these rollers to add to your hair care regime.

Step by Step

-Pop Velcro Roller in dry on damp hair OR heat style dry hair(curling wand/blowdry brush etc) and pop in rollers after to set

-Secure with clips

-Add heat if you want extra bounce

-Do your thang till cool and dry

-Remove and joosh!

-Have fun!

The Mini Marilyn Stylist Set includes 10 Velcro Hair Rollers:

  • 10x 30mm x 90mm diameter Lightweight Black + Gold Rollers
  • 10 x Gold Clips
  • Satin Charlii Drawstring Bag

This set is best for shorter hair lengths

Roller width is wider than standard rollers so you can put more hair in one roller #timesaving