Our Team - The Nest Hair Boutique
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Charlie Crothers (Owner/Creative Director)

I was lucky enough to have known what I wanted to do since I was about five years old and have always been “ an ideas girl,” according to my husband. I am just as passionate about small business as I am about hair. I love all of the learning curves that come with running a business and really try to take on board my client’s opinions with the hope that I can create somewhere wonderful for them.

My Clientele is female only and although I can colour the rainbow, I specialise in blonde hair, goes with the territory of being blonde myself I guess! 🙂 My clients appreciate my no bullshit honesty and I appreciate their trust, it works both ways to create solid relationships. I love the feeling I get when a new client is “wowed” after their very first visit.

My dream is to create a salon where stylists feel appreciated, enjoy our beautiful clientele and feel as though they couldn’t be happier anywhere else. I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love and wish more people would follow their dreams. I love The Nest – it’s one of my favorite places to be. It’s where I laugh the most, make my clients laugh, and I get to be creative and make others feel beautiful. What more could I want?! I love to be around people who are inspiring and also those who I can inspire. It seems to have a snowball effect – the more we can inspire others the more it inspires us.


 Jessamy Bray (Salon- Co-Ordinator)

The photo on the top left is the same excited face Jessamy had the very first time we met in February 2015. She had sent an email that morning asking about the position we had going but was afraid she may be too old to start an apprenticeship. LOL she was 17 just about to turn 18! Its definitely not how I normally roll however, I asked her what she was doing for the rest of the day and if she wanted to come in to trial for a few hours. She was there an hour later. I really couldn’t believe my luck after spending the day with her, love at first sight one would say haha!!

Jessamy who we call Baby Jess or Baby J is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is such an amazing part of The Nest because of the way she cares for people, which is why she such an asset to our team. What 18 year old babies full grown adults when they aren’t well? Props to her momma bear because this just ain’t normal!! AND she’s always in a bubbly mood 🙂 I swear I saw her skip when she was walking before haha! She really makes the world a better place.

Jessamy is primarily who you would be talking to when emailing or calling the salon and is always happy to help find you that hard to book appointment 🙂

Kaleigh (Head Colourist/Stylist)

From little girl dreams of being a hairdresser to cutting off all her barbies hair Kaleigh’s passion for the industry had her starting her hairdressing career at the age of 15. Unfortunately not everyone starts out with a good employer and after a bit of a bad run in her first year Kaleigh was determined to prove to herself and her previous employer that she was going to be something amazing.

And has she ever… Kaleigh’s client’s send reviews and comments on the daily thanking her not just for their beautiful hair but also for genuinely caring about them. Her “kill them with kindness” mentality is very admirable and makes her a pure pleasure whether your having your hair done by her or working next to her. She’s pretty hard not to love 🙂

Kaleigh stumbled across The Nest via Instagram in its early days before the expansion and says she always had a natural gravitation towards the salon. She felt that The Nest was going to be something amazing that she really wanted to be apart of and we’re so glad she is 🙂

lechelle picLechelle (Head Colourist/Stylist)

Finally someone who can almost out-weird myself with her quirky idiosyncrasies but I’ll leave that up to you to find out! I actually started chatting to LèChelle while she was living in Ireland and planning her trip back home. I love when you can talk to someone right away and they can be completely honest with you, it was as if Id always known her and she felt the same way. As a naturally inspired stylist like many of us the secret haircutting as a child eventuated into an early apprenticeship at 15. Once completed it gave her the ability to unleash her inner travel bug while working around the world. Making colour dreams come true is her specialty and pretty pastels are her all time FAVE! A tender soul that makes for an essential part of our growing team at The Nest. LèChelle loves instilling confidence in others by making women feel beautiful and finds most of her inspiration from happiness. You’ll see by her recent reviews from clients that as cheesy as it sounds it’s the damn truth. Authenticity at its finest.



Elke (Head Colourist/Stylist)

This girls eyes light up while she’s talking about pretty much ANYTHING! LOL Her high energy and enthusiasm is one of a kind and extremely contagious. Always a creative, Elke choose hair over art school as she thought it may be easier to make a career out of- such a realist! lol.

With an obsession of high fashion, stalking every hairdresser on the planet and a constant hunger for education and inspiration its no wonder why Elke has attracted so many Perth socialites. Elke’s hairstyles have walked a few runways such as Vancouver Fashion Week, been spotted in British Vogue and seen on backup dancers in music videos. A perfectionist to a fault, Elke makes everyday hairdressing into an art-form. Fun, bubbly, passionate and precise Elke is one hell of a hairdresser.

“I just love a good chat” is a common Elke quote. Communication plays such a big role in our salon so it meant a lot that Elke wasn’t just a good hairdresser but also a great communicator. Counselling  sessions complimentary with fab hairdo’s! haha

I asked Elke to write down how she felt about The Nest and why she wanted to work here and she said “When I saw The Nest on Instagram I was just so drawn to it,something warm and it looked so comfortable. I have never really had that feeling towards a salon, and well when I went in there I just never wanted to leave! The atmosphere is so fun and relaxed and when you see the quality of the hair…My gosh!”

Nuff said 😉

Tamara (Senior Colourist/Stylist)

AKA Champagne Tam 😉 Tamara has been a wonderful addition to The Nest starting mid 2017 and has flourished as a colourist in so many ways which was her biggest reason in coming on board- to grow and be apart of all The Nest had to offer! Her ability to adapt and indulge in the culture of our team after being at her last salon for 7 years has been really admirable.

Tam like most of us was also a closet doll hair chopper as a child. LOL Getting told off for talking in class everyday meant that a quiet job was not the path for her. Her empathetic and caring nature paired with her skill set has made Tam an excellent hairdresser and much loved by our clients and team.

When Tams not on the floor she’s most likely at a Sunday Sess drinking her weight in Champagne or screaming at a footy match as a Mad Dockers Fan!

Hot Tip *** Although an excellent colourist, Tamara is also an brilliant Cutter!

steevie-lou-profile-websiteSteevie-Lou (Senior Colourist/Stylist)

Partially hired on her name alone, it doesn’t get much cuter than that does it?! Lucky for us her name matches her personality to a tee. If she doesn’t win you over off the bat with her infectious bubbly personality or her gorgeous smile when you first meet her, I’d be very surprised. Her empathy and will to help others means Steevie-Lou aligns perfectly with the culture of The Nest. Passionate about colour and particularly Blondie’s, Steevie-Lou says she loves evolving her clients into the perfect shade to suit their hair type and skin tone or turning darker tresses into Victoria’s Secret sun-kissed results…a colourist after my own heart! Beware, Steevie-Lou will try and cuddle any dog she sees. Pretty sure our salon doggies are what brought her to us in the first place LOL. Her Mumma’s a dog groomer so the obsession must run in the family!!


Remy (Junior Stylist)

Ohhhhh Remy. She really does light up a room. If you’ve ever been to The Nest you will know exactly what I mean when I say her enthusiasm is totally infectious and through the roof! Man she makes us laugh with the conversations she has making everything you just won a million dollars.

Rem ended up at The Nest by accident, her mum wanted some information on getting Remy into hairdressing so we just had her in for a spur of the moment trial. Remy didn’t even know she wanted to be a hairdresser until she started and is now seemingly obsessed 😉

Flying through her apprenticeship by sheer dedication & training Remy is on the floor styling and doing basic colour work. Good work chick, you’ve bloody earn’t it.