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Essentials Haircare

The Essentials line is a combination of the science in Davines’ laboratories and protection of the Mediterranean’s artisan and cultural heritage, with the worlds best formulas free from sulphates and parabens,with the added touch of selected active ingredients that contribute to keeping alive vegetable species at risk of extinction so to protect the biological diversity.

Produced using only energy from renewable sources, the packaging of the Essential Haircare range is Zero Impact® – carbon neutral and is created using the minimum amount of food grade plastics necessary.


From concept to results the OI line shares an inimitable approach underlined by the elegance of its style. In packaging that plays with the intensity of black and transparency; and in terms of ethics common to the entire Essential Haircare line.


The word Alchemy comes from Arabic for “Al-kimia” which means the chemistry of the Supreme. Alchemic System represents an alchemic experience in its search for pure color through the nobility of the pigment, and the incomparableness of its final essence, the formula. Davines scientists distilled pure color pigments and added them with precious creams to create 6 shampoos and 6 conditioners that enhance natural and colored hair. The specific color pigments blend with cosmetically colored hair, maintaining the intensity of the color between services. It illuminates and accentuates natural color, enriched the hair with beautiful shades while providing internal strength, protection and shine.

More Inside

These products are honest tools that tell their own story through their characteristics and capabilities, whisper thoughts inspired by their function, elevated to humble and discreet advice, which can be applied to everyday life.

Pure & JUUCE

Willow, Byron Bay