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Beautiful Hair Education

“After many requests for education from Perth Hairdressers and Salon owners, The Nest “Beautiful Hair Education” program offering in-house training was launched.

The Nest Hair Boutique’s creator Charlie Crothers  is passionate about small business and the hair industry. The desire to share her wealth of knowledge with hairdressers and business owners alike has led to the development of strategies that enhance the industry through collaboration and education.

The Nest believes there needs to be a change within the industry, a more positive way to grow our businesses and contribute to the hair industry. The fear of other salons doing beautiful hair shouldn’t be part of the salon business mentality, we should be joining forces and fostering a culture of support, collaboration and education – to better ourselves professionally and the hair industry.

We understand how hard it can be to find education relevant to the Perth market and thought it was about time we gave back to the industry where we can. We love getting to know other salon owners and hairdressers and would love for you to join in. Education should be fun which is why we are providing the atmosphere, drinks and nibbles to get those creative juices flowin’.

As well as our scheduled classes we are open to one on one education, smaller private group training and business consulting for other salon owners.

The ‘Behind the Basin’ classes is the first in a series of education workshops for hairdressers and salon owners developed by The Nest Hair Boutique. As part of the education program, The Nest will also be offering tailored colour training to suit individual salons Australia wide..

Some of you may wonder why any salon would want to offer education to the “competition”. You can find out the truth here … why we educate


    • BOOK NOW

    • Look ‘n Learn From The Nest Hair Boutique
    • $270pp (200 if you’ve attended last years)

    • April 29 the 10am-1pm
    • Half of the work we perform at The Nest is done at the basin, it’s where our colours come to life and what takes our colour work to the next level. Learn a whack of new tips and tricks to take home to your salon and start using the next day! A great class for advanced apprentices and seniors alike to learn relevant techniques suited to the Australian and instagram market and a great chance to pick our brains about colour.
    • We will be adding a few new techniques for repeat education clients to spice it up for ya!
    • May be paired with Freestyle Colour for $600


    • BOOK NOW

    • Hands On Workshop
    • $400pp

    • April 30th, 10am-3pm@ The Nest
    • Model required @ 11:30am
    • Learn to think outside the box of traditional colouring techniques with The Nest signature Colouring techniques created by Charlie Crothers. These techniques are used daily at The Nest hair boutique to ensure client satisfaction in a timely fashion. This workshop is particularly good for “lived in colour” effects with all different hair colours. An asset to any colourist by using time saving techniques trialed and tested to ensure the best outcome and consistency with your colour work.
    • This course is designed for advanced Apprentices to Colourists with intermediate to advanced colour skills. A variety of Foiling patterns, Freehand work and Basin work will be demonstrated. These techniques can be applied to ANY colour range.
    • Pair with Behind The Basin for $600


    • BOOK NOW

    • Hands On Workshop From The Nest Hair Boutique
    • $495pp

    • Prerequisite: Behind the Basin class or shadow program 
    • Enquire for class date
    • Model required at 1:00pm
    • Colouring in today’s market with heightened expectations has definitely caused us all a few “deer in headlights” moments. One thing that we have learnt since the launch of “The Nest Beautiful Hair Education” is that everyone has different struggles with colour, maybe it’s your speed when foiling that could use some new time saving foil placements or a colour correction that has your stomach in knots. Now we’re not saying our way is the only way, but we do have a unique way of colouring and we love to share our knowledge. This class is designed to help colourists where you feel you need it and help build your confidence when consulting a client who may have some very unlikely hair goals and the tips to guide them through their options.


    • Short Look ‘N Learn Followed by Hands on Workshop
    • $495pp

    • Enquire for class date
    • Model required at 12pm
    • Strengthen your confidence with corrective colour and learn what techniques we most often use for colour correction. You will want to be slightly particular with the model you choose for a correction as there may be limitations to how far we can push the boundaries. This class will max out at 10 students and will have 3 trainers to maximise your one on one time.

  • We Love Texture

    • Hands On Cutting Workshop From The Nest Hair Boutique
    • $390pp

    • Enquire for class date
    • Model required at 12:30pm and 2:00pm
    • We know how hard it is to find a cutting course that is relevant to our market. So we made one up! Although we love colour, we also have quite a handful of tricks up our sleeve when it comes to cutting long and medium length hair.
    • Learn how to remove bulk, add volume, create texture and customise your clients haircuts. You will walk away with more confidence and the ability to think a little outside of the box of the traditional “Foundations” cutting style.
    • You will see 4 models hair cut live by our team before we enter into our hands on workshop.


    • Come hang with us!
    • $595 per day

    • Enquire for dates available
    •  Meet the team and watch how we do things at The Nest. Our shadow program is great for those who LOVE Look ‘N Learn education. During the day you will be able to watch how we colour/tone/cut/style our clients, as well as a bit about how we run the floor! Limited bookings available

Salon Pay flexible payment plans NOW available for Education!

We love to share our knowledge with fellow hairdressers so we teamed up with Salon Pay powered by OxiPay to offer a convenient way to pay for your Beautiful Hair Education so you don’t miss out on our courses!